This entrance post is dumb.

So, because i am a blog newbie, i couldn’t figure out how to get rid of this entrance post that word press feels is so fitting to add. I might switch this out with my first post and do 2 looks or something. I dont know. Don’t judge me <3

Anyway, if you don’t know i own vive9 and i wanted to make a blog to showcase my personal style. I read/look at almost everyday and I love the styles on there. Most are casual and chic, which completely fit my personality. Also there is a chick (or a few chicks i should say) ¬†on there that combines their illustrations with their styling, and i love them for that.

So i decided to do something similar. I love to draw as well, and fashion illustration is something i think i may want to do with my real self. So i will get my practice in with this blog.

Thanks in advance to everyone who will be visiting my blog. Hopefully you become inspired and dont bite my head off with angry “i hate you” posts.


My blog inspirationista.